Ohio River - Markland Dam and Aurora Indiana 6/12/08

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    Greensburg, IN
    The Good:
    Started fishing about 11AM for skipjack at Markland Dam. The water was at a really nice level, but it was really muddy still. Using white curly tail jigs, I ended up with about 20 nice skippies for bait. While fishing for skippies, I also caught some nice white bass, some drum, a smallmouth bass, and almost a really nice striper....lol I was using my ultralite equipment with 4lb test and that striper hit. He took me for a ride!! Fought him for about 10 minutes or so, had him to the bank twice and the third time he snapped me off. Was probably in the 15lb range or so. Nicest one I have ever hooked in Indiana.

    The Bad:
    After getting some nice skippies at Markland, I headed over to Tanners Creek boat ramp to meet my buddies for an all night session. After launching, we went around the corner and with one cast of the cast net, we had all the shad we needed. They were nice too...some big cutters. So at this point we have for bait: Shad, skipjack, goldfish, bluegill, chubs, and a few crappie. This should be the night to end all nights but it wasnt meant to be. Ended up catching a total of 7 fish. 6 channels and 1 blue that was maybe 5lbs. The biggest channel was maybe 8 or 9 lbs. No flatheads were present. We hit most of the holes between Tanners and Laughery and even fished up in Laughery Creek and Hogan's Creek. Water temps in the creeks was 83-84 degrees and around 78 in the main river. My guess is that the flatheads have started to spawn.

    Think Im gonna hit Markland on Sunday night...hopefully we will get into some fish there. Peace y'all...
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    Rising Sun, IN
    at least you caught something! We are still catching nice flatheads down around Rising Sun, we are just fishing really close to the cover

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    Hopefully theres a change up by the time the Rocky Point Gathering gets here...