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    Walter Flack
    ODOW reports indicate that every pool bordering Ohio shores is either good or excellent for channel cats and flatheads. But, two pools are rated as excellent for channel cats — the Pike Island and Greenup pools.

    The Pike Island Pool borders Jefferson County and runs for 30 miles. Channel cats in this pool range up to 25 inches. The best places to fish this summer are near stream confluences and the below the New Cumberland tailwaters.
    Moving water is especially critical later in the month, when the weather turns hot and dry. Outside bends can also be important because the current flow is usually faster compared to straight runs or inside bends.
    Pike Island anglers may tap into a good population of flatheads averaging 14 to 25 inches. The water below the tailwaters are particularly good places to find hungry June flatheads.

    The New Cumberland Lock and Dam off state Route 7 provides shoreline access to the tailwater section. Multiple launch sites provide boating access to the Pike Island pool.

    Greenup Pool is 62 miles long and borders Gallia, Lawrence and Scioto counties. Anglers should expect to catch channel cats anywhere from 12 to 25 inches. The best places to find channel cats in the Greenup Pool are the tailwater section below the Gallipolis Lock and Dam, old locks and dams along the main channel, and various stream inlets.

    The Gallipolis Lock and Dam access site off state Route 2 provides good shoreline access to the tailwater section. Multiple launch ramps provide boating access up and down the pool.
    Flatheads averaging 17 to 20 inches may also be taken from the same areas.
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