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ohio river help please

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Looking for easy accesible spot for bank fishing near cincinnati west to markland dam area.Will be on vacation week of labor day like to go for the big ones in the ohio to see what I can land.
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Tried that park but was chased out park ranger who wanted to give me a ticket for being in the park after dark.He didnt care if the fish bite better at night so I pack up my stuff headed home what a bummer.
Think when I go on vacation going to try below the markland dam Any advice for fishing there?Do have a plan b if fish dont bite beltera casino not too far away still eat good and have fun.
Went last night caught 5 flatheads biggest was 18lbs others from 5 to about 10 used goldfish and creek chubs.First time i was ever checked for a fishing license.Well going tonight not sure where maybe a pay lake near me
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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