Ohio River- Cincy- 7/19/09

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  1. Salmonid

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    SW Ohio
    Me and Fishdealer04 fished early this morning instead of hitting the Rising Sun tourney because Brian had to work. I called Riverking and actually passed him on Rt 75 as he was halfway home and I was halfway to the river around 3:30 this morning.
    Water was 79 degrees and the bite was realy weird, not catfish like at all, more like stripers or gar but when we connected, they were cats, didnt make any sense at all. Brian did have the better day today with getting the most and all the larger fish so it was a pretty good day for him...:smile2:

    We caught about 2 dozen shad in the net and fished 6-7 spots and found a new spot where most of our fish came from. We took 10 fish, 3 channels and the rest flatheads. The channels were 8,7 and 4 lbs, the flatties were 7,6, 3, 2 and 3 that were maybe 2 lbs all combined..... All fish came on the cut fresh shad. The 2 larger flats had scars on their backs. Did a little drifting early but the wind was blowing up river pretty good and kept blowing us to the banks with hardly any current so we anchored up and caught all fish that way.
    River was nice and clean, only a handful of pleasure boaters out and we fished from 5:00 am til 1:00pm

    With our tourny at Eastwood Lake this weekend, wont be back on the big river for another 2 weeks.

  2. Golden

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Well you caught more flats than every one at the tourney. Think i only saw about 3 flats out of 10 boats. Me and Kitsinni caught most of our fish before dark drifting. Caught 5 drifting then caught 4 anchored. Biggest one we had was about 8-9lbs. We played it smart we limited out on channels befor trying to fish for the bigger fish at dark. payed off we finished 3rd ahead of TBULL!!!! LOL.

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    Sounds like a good trip.
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    Shelbyville, TN
    Congrats, sounds like a real nice trip
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    You did better than I did on the river saturday.
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    Sounds like it was fun. Thanks for sharing your experience!