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Discussion in 'KENTUCKY RIVERS TALK' started by Chaotech, May 9, 2007.

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    Hey everyone, i'm looking for some help/advice fishing for cats in the Kentuckyiana area around Louisville KY.

    I used to go fishing on the Ohio w/ my dad when i was little and catch 30-50lb cats on the regular but it has been many many years and i had moved to the city, me and my dad dont speak but about twice a year so i've lost touch w/ my roots. Recently i picked up bass fishing and i've been fishing atleast 3-4 times a month now, i also bought a 16ft Jon boat. I only remember the days of catfishing reeling in those monster cats and how much of a fight they put up and i cant wait to get back into it however i need some help as it has been a while.

    The setup if i remember correctly we used to use was a bottom fishing setup, we would put like a 1oz slip weight on the line and a swivel then from the swivel we would have like 18" of line and a 4/0 i think anyways a large hook and we would use a chunk of frozen bluegill we caught at a local farm pond, this worked well. Does anyone know of any newer better setups? Any advice or secret fishing holes they can tell?

    I just cant wait to get back into cat fishing it is so much fun, all the fishing i do is sport i put the fish back as i do not eat fish. Hell, im even looking for a fishing buddy if you want lol. My friends work retail so they can never get weekends off, i am off every weekend so if anyone wants a partner let me know!

    If anyone can, submit pics of catfish rigs and bait setups, or even stories of their monster catches in the Louisville area, where to launch a jon boat, and where to fish it... any help is appreciated!
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    Bedford, Kentucky
    Josh, welcome to the BOC. I fish the Ohio river weekly, but in the Madison, IN/Milton KY area. I use a three way rig with a 5 ounce bank sinker. My bait of choice is freshcut baitfish. I prefer my baitfish to be live when I cut it so the pieces will bleed out in the water. Fishing structure is key to catching cats. Ledges and woody structure will almost always hold fish. The steeper the ledge and the more depth change the better. Good Luck. Vern

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    Josh I fish the Ohio on a daily basis in Jeff. Ind at the Falls Of The Ohio I put in at Stansifer Ave. and go up river to the wickeds I dont have a way to upload pics but we were there 2 nights ago and caught 6 fish in the 20+ range useing skipjack and Large Creek chubs and Central Texas Stonerollers (something like a sucker).........
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    Your set up sounded great except I would use 4 to a 5 ounce sinker. The slip rig works good because the fish don't feel the weight on the end. As far as fishin around louisville just take your boat up around the dam (should have a depth finder) You'll see plenty of others up there fishing watch them and try to find holes with steep drop offs. As for bait I would tie two jigs (small crappie jigs) to six pound line and catch skipjack.(I use white twister tails) I filet my skip jack and cut long thin strips the cats seem to love them
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    Walter Flack
    you cant go wrong below Cannelton dam for trophy Blue cats, the Kentucky state record was caught there and the person that caught it (Bruce Midkiff) also caught another blue cat there that was over a 100 pounds also that same day. Both blues were caught on live skipjacks.
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    I been planning a trip when visiting my daughter in owensboro to fish the ohio. I will use most of you guys advise myself .......Thanks fellas
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    Good Luck and Welcome to the BOC!!! :big_smile: