Ohio River, Between Augusta, KY and Ohio Rt 133

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    We went out Wed 10-22-08 and put in at the little place where 133 dumps out on 52 there in Ohio along the river. Wind was blowing down river and we stopped just up river near a bunch of river debris along the Ohio side. Within an hour we landed 3 dinkers all under 10 lb, 2 shovels and a channel, pretty fish though. Used chub and goldfish. Went up farther to Augusta and found a nice put in. No luck the rest of the day.

    We went back today Wed 10-29-08 and put in at Augusta; great dock and put in at the mouth of a small river. Wind was blowing HARD up river today. Good clean crapper in the restroom area at the put in but take your own toilet paper; I did as always. Fished our asses off in three creeks/rivers that dumped out into the Ohio. Lots of action on the fish finder but no hits. We had everything out... chubs, pumpkin seeds, goldfish, chub head, stinking filet w garlic, shrimp... but nothing. The wind kicked our asses all day and we kept seeking refuge in backwaters. Great day fishing even though nothing got landed. I'm not giving up... if you don't fish, you definitely won't catch any.
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