Ohio river at Ashland/Catlettsburg

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    Smilax, KY
    May be interested in fishing (juggin, throwlines) the Ohio River around the Ashland/Catlettsburg area. Need information on boat ramps, where to go, water depth, danger areas, structure etc.

    Can bluegill be caught easily for bait at the river or should I bring chubs? Plan on setting throwlines and jugs if the current isn't too fast. Any special regulations regarding fishing or juggin on the Ohio?
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    I fish the Ohio River just above the Greenup Dam and have very good success catching skipjacks at the mouth of tributaries, and 'gills along the bank in the shallows around structure on 'crawlers and mealworms. I've been consistently catching 15+ pounders on the channel edges in swift water using a 3 oz. sinker on a carolina rig. If I hadn't had surgery this last Monday, I would've been happy to show you around anywhere from Catlettsburg west to the Greenup Dam. GOOD FISHING there! Have a great day, and should you wish to contact me for some good catfishing advice, feel free to at any time. I'm laid up for at least 4 weeks due to the docs having to put a stent in my aorta. I'm going stir crazy and any communication doing with fishing would be greatly appreciated! Good luck on the river!

    Creighton Stephens
    aka: Catfish Stephens
    South Shore, Kentucky
    email: catfish_stephens@yahoo.com