Ohio RIver April 4, 09

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    Went out today on the big O, river was pushing pretty hard and had a surface temp during the afternoon of 53 degrees. The water was the color of coffee with cream, however the shad were going nuts all over the place, I managed to net about 200 and get them vac packed and froze. I did find all little clearer water way back off the river and caught a black drum on a swim bait...go figure. I would imagine we are looking at least a week before the water acts like it wants to start clearing up, and that's with no more rain.

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    I went to the falls of the ohio yesterday and the water was real fast, they have the 2 primary gates open almost all the way and the other 2 half open.

    I tried fishing in a pool of water that was between the downstream and upstream flows but even there I had to use 6 oz of weight to try to keep it still.

    I fished cut frozen skipjack but no luck, I then moved into the submerged trees and used shad gut and caught 3 channels around 3-4 lbs each.

    I knew the channels would be there, they normally are when the water is around 31 feet and sometimes I catch 10-15lb flatheads there using frozen tiger shrimp. I wish I had some with me.

    Here is a pic of one of them, sorry for the poor photo but I was grabbing my iphone when dodging wave surge. This was the smaller one. It was good times. lol

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