Ohio River 5-30

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    Had a fun trip to the Ohio on Saturday before the weather ran us out. We got there a couple hours before dark and got ran out before midnight. The weather was nasty but we managed to catch a few fish. About an hour before dark my buddy pulled in a 14.5LB Blue on a live shad. A little later I caught a 12LB Flathead and a 9LB Flathead both on live bluegills. Nothing huge but it was a fun night. We also managed a 1LB Flat and a couple 4-6LB channels each. I think we were also on a lot of gar because we would get a big run set the hook to nothing and pull the bait in to find a lot of little tears in the skin that looked like gar had been on them. Wish we could have stayed out later the fish were biting but we will get em next week!
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    congrats my man i need to get back out there and land some meat

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    S.E Ohio
    Congrats on a pretty productive day there. As long as the fish keep biting we shall fish!