Ohio Report 5/7/08

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    We tried our gently used trailer today and it is 200% better than the old one which was a vintage 1700's at least!!! Went up the Ohio across from the LG&E Power plant, which used to be one of my Honey Holes...NOTHING. Went across to the Power Plant, plenty showing up on the fish finder, but no bites. Finally, I hooked into something, really didn't feel like a fish and landed a bleach jug full of water and a crawfish inside of it. Casted out into the Channel, no activity then something hit my line. The fight was on. I fought it for 40 minutes, felt like it was a monster, then I lost it. :sad2:
    My question is: this has happened before, feels like a fish, I think it is running, taking line, feel like I am making progress, than nothing. I always ask myself, is it a Fish or is it a Log. With the current as fast as it is, it is difficult to know what I have. Any suggestions???? :confused2:

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    Could be a big ole Gar.I have had them all the way to the boat and they would just let go of the hook and swim slowly off.I did come up to the ohio river today but it was so windy it made it rough.Caught nadda :crazy:

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    At least you got to go out. Better luck next time!:wink::big_smile: