Ohio Opening Day ... Today ...

Discussion in 'Trapping & Fur Taking' started by RetiredToFish, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. RetiredToFish

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    Newark, Ohio
    Ohio opening trapping day was today .... even though I have been pretty sick for the last week ... I ventured forth .... I am not sure about doing it right now .... and am on my way to bed at 5:30 PM ....

    I only got out 36 sets today ... that is combo of rats, mink and coon. I guess this old body just "Ain't" what it used to be and being sick didn't help. I tried to be really selective on placement of sets. Sign was pretty well spread out. Still shocked at the low number of rats. Trapping ponds and small runs, no major water bodies. I saw about 15 deer, with a couple nice bucks.

    Now hope I will recoup enough to run them tomorrow ... LOL! :eek:oooh:

    Garry- :eek:oooh::eek:oooh::eek:oooh:
  2. CountryHart

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    Hate to hear your sick Garry. I know the plans and effort you have been putting into the up coming season. 3 dz. traps laid right is better than 100 just thrown out haphazardly. I doubt fur is prime down here yet, and hopefully it's worth a little bit too. Good luck and let us know what ya congure up.:wink:

  3. catfishrollo

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    hope you get feeling better bro.. im gonna deer hunt tomorrow morning from the climber for a few early hours, then I have to tend a funeral. goodluck to you if you get out... and maybe that big boy will walk in for me also:wink: rollo