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Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by indiana_fishin, Sep 20, 2005.

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    Indiana Baby
    i live about 5 mins away from the ohio river,and been thinking about fishing it.I never fished there since i was about 8 and that was during the day 4 anything i could catch.I just wanna try the river cuz i have never caught a blue in my life,and i would really like to.The problem is looking at posts u guys say fish at dams and such.Where ive been looking i see no structure 2 fish by really..Theres a boat dock and a boat restraunt,any fish there?Second thing is u guys use shad and skipjack caught in the river,and i have no castnet.WHat other baits work good that can be storebought(or made)?
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    What part of the ohio are you going to fish?

    I have been told that the blues territory stops close to cinncinati, not sure about that myself.
    A castnet is almost a must when river fishing. Those store bought baits are not that good for the area that I fish here. Nightcrawlers and Chicken livers work for small eating sized fish but not for the big ones. And we all want to catch big one, right :D
    To catch shad I would try around that dock you were speaking of at dusk or dawn. For skipjack you will need a sabiki rig to catch them. they can be caught in fast water on dam tailtraces in the morning or evening.

    I hope this helps

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    JW, I thought that they didn't even come up that far but I proved myself wrong. During the summer, we caught 3 just a couple of miles down from Portmouth, OH
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    Kentucky, Rush
    Ive caught blues as far up as huntington wva
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    Where r u located cause the spot u describe sounds alot like near where i live. From my experience on the Ohio u dont need to fish a dam to catch blues. For a few monthes all i did was fish off of docks using night crawlers and beef liver yet I still caught a lot of catfish including a good number of blues. Ive fished from the bank on alot of places on the Ohio and always managed to catch some u just have to be patient and wait.
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    north carolina
    i have always had good luck around man made structures that doesn't have traffic on it like docks , dams
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    There are big blues in the Ohio river all along southern Indiana. Ohio Rver Rat gave you some good advice as did JW about where to net shad. If you can't get shad or skipjack and want to fish bigger baits then mackerel from the fish counter of any decent grocery store is a decent bait. They usually sell it with the guts removed but if you can get it whole so much the better...W
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    if u dont have a net maybe u want to go to ur baitshop and buy a few big goldfish.......u might not catch a blue but u might catch a nice shovel head........if i were to fish the ohio i would bring some big goldfish........make sure ur hook is big enough and ur rod n reel can handle a nice size fish....
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    hey where you live in indiana I fish the ohio all the time, and I have a boat we can get out there and hit the drift. The best way I have found to catch blues. I do catch them anchored but tend to catch allot more drifting, and I have no trouble cathing shad or skippjack. Have struggled to catch skipjack over 10" lately though.