Ohio DNR Singles Out My Dad

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    here's a good one. my dad and i raise mums, squash, and pumpkins for retail in the fall. last fall ODNR cited us for illegal dumping of pumpkins into a creek that is nothing more than a trickle, not to mention that the pumpkins pose no threat to wildlife, and will be eaten by wildlife long before they can break down and rot.

    the ODNR representative for wayne county, came out on a sunday afternoon to issue the citation, not monday, or even saturday. the complaint had been filed at least 3 weeks earlier. then he proceeded to take 2 bushels of squash home, for his own consumption, free of charge. i might add, that we did not offer, but rather were asked by Mr. Ucher for the squash. i believe that this is not only unethical, but possibly illegal.

    then, last week we noticed that he had written an article in the ohio farm and dairy magazine pertaining to this incident. in the article it said that we were ordered to clean up the site, which is false. at the time of the court date the clean up had already taken place, voluntarily. also, we were only fined 50$ because we took imediate action in a voluntary manner.

    but, the icing on the cake was the accompanying photo. this photo showed a huge pile of squash on an enbankment. this pile was not the one in question, in fact the pile we were cited for was only about 100 lbs of pumpkins, yes, pumpkins, not squash. the photo was actually a pile that we were not only legal, in dumping, but in fact we were still using to stock our retail with. but since it made a much more news worthy image, it was printed anyway.

    my point is this, if ODNR is going to make an example out of someone, why not use the local judge who's cows p#$$ in the same creek, or the hundreds of local amish farms who do the same? when a neighboring bussiness "accidently" poured used motor oil and old diesel fuel into the creek, they were not cited, why? when Mr. Ucher chose to print this article, he not only opened the flood gates on himself, but also onto ODNR. anytime you print a false accusation against someone you run the risk of legal action. if this false reporting can be proven to have caused damages to our bussiness, it is slander. that means, that if one person will step forward and attest, that the article has influenced their choice of produce shopping location, they have slandered us. well, ODNR i guess we'll see ya in court!
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    Steve-o.Sounds like ya'll got a raw deal.I'm sure your still pissed,and I would be too.
    If I read your post right,you have alredy done the clean up,been to court,pled guilty(or no contest)and paid the fine.It would be hard to now go back and prove slander.
    I ain't against you,just that it would be a very difficult and expensive thing to persue.
    Maybe you could contact the magazine and offer your side of the story...what ever you end up doing...sorry for the raw deal ya got.

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    I thought I just read this post in another thread with a different name. ???? :confused2:
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    cook's got it, first contact the mag. or maybe your lawyer, he'l most likly say let the thing go, but if you do go ahead with it be prepared to back up your statments.
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    Go get em brother!