Ohio Brush Creek

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  1. storm

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    Any information on the Brush would be apreciated. Had heard some stories of big cats
  2. Salmonid

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    SW Ohio
    Storm, growing up about 20 years ago, we had a farm right on OB Creek, its were I started my fishing career. anyways those stories go back quite a ways since everytime I floated or waded the stream, I found limb lines and trotlines in EVERY pool, for miles so Im pretty sure the locals keep it harvested down. Im sure there are some fish around but I doubt they would be monsters, I have never seen anything like the number of lines in that creek anywhere else in the state and Ive floated or waded about every worthwhile stream in the state.

    Good luck in your quest, best fishing is south of Peebles and the gar will tear you up there. That stream is lousy full of em.