Ohiio River Report 5/30-5/31

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    Hit the water last night with Riverking, put in at 7 and wouldn't you know it every thunderstorm in this region seemed to zero in right on the cincinnati. Fought off some hail, and dodged some lightning, most of the storms moved in Pretty quick. We got slammed by another one at about 1230am, with no where to go we just kind of puttered down river through it, after that though the weather seemed to start to clear up. We ended up with 16 fish last night. Biggest was a blue cat right around 20lbs. The majority of the fish were flatheads. The bigger blue was the only one of his kind, the blue cat bite might be going bye bye for a month or so...All and all a great night though, nothing to big but enough to keep us busy. Most of the flats were in the 8 to 10lb range.

    Everyone keep Matt ( Riverking) in your thoughts, We left the water at 530am, and soon after this morning his wife went into labor. He had the camera, so as you can imagine he has more important things goin on, so no pics this time.
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    That is a night I will never forget..lol