Oh well, it was memorable anyway

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    I've been reading up on catfishing and decided to give some of my new "learning" a try last week.

    I fished the lower Saline and it was raging. I found 2 small creeks that had water in them and when I followed them I found that both opened up into a large area of slack water. I thought this was perfect so I set out about 30 yo-yo's. I fished with minnows, stink bait, blood, and worms. I even put out 3 poles all with different bait. The next morning I had 1 small crappie.

    So, I decided by golly if y'all want to be in the current, I'll put a trotline in the current. I found a felled tree that was in a deep part of the river. The current was super fast at the bank where the trunk was submerged and out past the top in the middle of the river. I tied the line to the tree and ran it about 75 yards downstream to the bank which included draping the line over a drop off where the depth finder went nuts with fish.

    The next morning I went to check the line, and couldn't find it. The river rose about 2-3 feet overnight, so I decided I just couldn't reach it. I went back to camp, got a broom handle and fashioned a hook with a stick and rope on the end of it. I went back to the line to use my new "Gaff" and I did a double take. The tree had moved. My immediate reaction was to hurry and get my line, but then limbs started popping and the tree began moving rather quickly right at me.

    Needless to say, I lost the line, weights, and hooks. I like to think that it was a hundred pound catfish pulling that tree down the river and had nothing to do with the fast rising water and current.

    Like I said, i don't think I'll ever forget the weekend. My last day there, I loaded the boat and decided to go golfing. I shot a 113. :embarassed:
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    rock im glad you made it ok.remember the lesson and watch that riseing water it can be a killer.see you on chat.

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    river fishin can be quite trecherous especially when the water is rising fast. :eek:oooh: Be careful out there rocky.
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    Sheridan, Arkansas
    Rock, I fish the Saline every chance I get. And it can be a little trickey when its up and running fast.:eek:oooh: A great story and thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks for sharing this with us
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    Great story!! Sounds like my bad luck!