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Oh, its just the current

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Well me and Josh (gone fishin 4 kittys) where fishin the other day and he goes "hey you gotta bite" hes not that exp. with my baitcasters and i told him its probly the currnet cause it was just 3 slight clicks, like my sinker rolled a lil. So i go and pick it up any way and i feel a lil nible. I say "oh its just a lil guy tryin to get that shad in his mouth. Then a steady pull, i thought the lil guy finally got tha shad in his mouth,man was i mistaken....................................................
can you say "Choo Choo" he took off like a fright train. after a ten minute non stop tug of war battle i pulled out this beast. Josh was like "the current huh? and some lil guy!"


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Nice lookin fish.

Can't believe that Josh was right though....
Good catch Phil! Congrats!! When you get that state record make sure that you post some pics alright!! Good Luck Fishin and Josh is a pretty knowledgable guy!!
Real nice fish Phil. Now ya know ya gotta let Josh have a turn otherwise he walks around bein nasty all the time. LOL! I read about this on the other thread but didn't comment there. Don't know why! LOL!
thanks i get em a lil smaller all the time. dont know about the channel state record, its like 35 pounds. came close the the flathead record last night. well not me exactly.
Nice looking fish man!! I had one nearly drag my brand new baitcaster in the river because all I heard was a click or two.
SEE I was right but you didn't believe me!
I like current like that.
The blue in my profile pic was the same thing. I had just cast that pole and was baiting the others and my 6 year old said I had a bite. I said it was the current and looked up and he was pulling on the pole. I asked if he was snagged, he said no, it was a fish, so I told him to reel it in. He said he couldn't, so I went up to get the pole, a little torqued because I figured he'd snagged me. When the fish took off, I was totally surprised. Glad the little guy helped me out.

That's a great channel cat, man.
nice fish there phil
Nice fish! Had a similar thing happen to me at the coast a couple years ago with a 3 and a half foot shark in the surf. Talk about a suprise!!! I bet your eyes were wide when you saw that bad boy!!
Good job brother thats one heck of a nice fish. I bet he gave you a great fight and a good time to remember with ol joshy. Nothing like making memories with a good friend.
it is the biggest channel i ever caught and definitely the most fun! I have caught flats much bigger but did not give the fight this one did. He was "non stop" even out of the water!
Man that is the way I like it The size is a big thing but Something with a fight is better to me.
Thats one heck of a wind you got there. lol
Gee Wish The current would start biteing on my lines! send some of that our way.LOL J.D.Straka:big_smile:
wish I would catch nice little ones like that. Congrats on a nice fish.
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