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    So i was talking to my moms worker at her office, and i said, well i need to go pick up some traps at a friends house. Well she said, oh you trap? and i replied yea. So anyways, she told how she had 15 acres of land that had a 7 foot wide creek that is about a good 1 to 1 1/2 feet deep. also, its hilly and is covered in forest and crp grasses. She says coons stay in the barns and that she recorded about a month ago, 24 coons in a room eating the chicken feed that her husband grew. She also showed me pictures of 2 lynx, a bunch of fox pictures, some coyotes, turkeys, deer and beaver and muskrat pictures that she took on her land. I asked her if i could trap and she said ill ask my husband but with me thats fine. She lives 30 minutes from my house. Also, the land is surrounded by like a game preserve only its not because its private but what makes it like a game preserve is that the owner of the land feeds the animals and grows the land with crp, timber and food plots. I dont know about you guys but if i can get permission to this, ooooooooo man, i could get a lot out of that chunk of land. man, talk about me havin day dreams now. lol

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    In a New York Minuet ,You betcha Buddy ,What are ya waiting on?,need I say More?

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    Did not know that lynx lived in Iowa... Sounds like a good place to trap. The surrounding land sounds about like my farm. hehe
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    I am not sure what part of Iowa you are in but they don't have a season on bobcat yet , doubt it was a lynx in the picture . Maybe by next season they will . If you haven't already please join your state trappers assoc . They are in the process of trying to get a bobcat season as well as otter . They had a short otter season in some sections last year . 400 total harvest was allowed , it closed in one week .

    Sounds like you will be well on your way to a fun season . August 2008 the national trappers convention is in Mason City , Iowa . I am not sure of the date yet but it would be enlightening to go if you can . I think the first day of demos is Thursday usually and run thru Sunday . A new demo is scheduled for about once an hour . Way more information can be gleanned by watching nad asking questions IMHO . They had excellent camping areas last time it was there .

    Welcome to the addiction of trapping .