Offshore, Saturday 12/6

Discussion in 'Salt Water Fishing' started by JPritch, Dec 8, 2008.

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    Went offshore Saturday with 3 man crew to do some bottom fishing. Was planning on going catfishing, but a seat opened up and I don't get to go offshore much, so I took the opportunity. Hit the triangle wrecks and got good pullage throughout. Pulled up a bunch of sea bass, alot of them doubles. Also got a flounder, and a big bluefish. The bluefish hookup was cool, me and another guy were bringing up sea bass, when our rods doubled over at the same time and drag just peeling. We weren't sure what was going on. But when the first fish came to the surface, all that was left of the sea bass was the head that went up the leader, and a big blue on the hook! Same thing happened when mine surfaced. Those things put up a great fight. We were pestered by dogfish? all day though. Had to work through them to get to the other fish. Caught probably 20 of them. It was a choppy ride though, and one guy was sea sick puking the whole time. I got a touch of it at one point myself, and left a chum slick as a result. But luckily, once I blew, I felt fine the rest of the day.

    We went trolling for striper at the mouth of the bay on the way back in, but no hits. Worked an area where birds were continually dive bombing the surface, but the fish either weren't there or weren't hitting. Set up at dark at the Hi-Rise along with literally over 100 other boats in a one mile stretch of bridge to eel along the pilings. What a clusterf*@k of boats! We didn't stay long, and didn't catch any stripers either (word was they wouldn't be coming through until 10-11pm, but we didn't want to stay out that long). We had a good day fishing so we decided to head back in.

    Fun trip, and good to try something new every once in a while. Can't wait to get back on the James's where my heart is!

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    Thats a big blue. make for good shark bait:wink:

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    Boy-o-boy! If I could get a few of them blues in the surf right now I'd be one happy critter. Those big ones we catch in the spring are mighty tasty!!! But congrats on a killer trip, I've never had the chance to do anything offshore.
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    Nice Fish!
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    That slammer blue must have fought GOOOOD!

    Way stronger than the striped bass.
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    Nice trip....Nice Blue....They do put up one hell of a fight...