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    Other than the traditional Live bait, what else can be used by the offshore fisherman and can have decent effect?

    I have always found fake worms very effective, less mess, and more production. I almost had what looked like a 3 lb. bass feeding on bream on the line but it saw something better unfortunately. My only advice to people would be to use light lines and smaller hooks and baits. Only from a rookie's point of view.
    What has the offshore fishing experience produced for you guys? what was the best thing you caught there? or biggest? For me it was a metal barrel the size of an old computer monitor. Very nice catch that was and it cleared the area.
    All i know is that you definitely can get the same results from a boat than offshore. That is something i learned not too long ago!
    What other things than fake worms and live bait work for the offshore crowd of fish? What is the best size hook for those offshore monsters?