OFFSHORE 212 Miles & 230 gallons of GAS~

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    started the day @ 2:45 am with Tony & capt todd of the "lucky dog" meeting me @ owls creek (virginia beach), splashed the boat & on the way @ 4 am. a little slow going with big swells still rolling ne & todd just out of surgery 3 weeks. i think the bean bags saved his life! got to the cigar area put out the spread with no takers except one monster bluefish. here's a tip, making your 1st tuna rigs, make sure the pins facing the right way! water too cold @ 61-62 degrees. went well below the cigar & out to the stream, about 85 miles out total, water is still only 68 @ best. that's what happens with no sat pic. no love from the tuna. ran north 40 something miles to the canyon for some deep dropping. 300 gal. tank will let you do that. check a couple of spots with no results, then near the third one we get some interesting marks. water is mid 60's. 1st pass & jamie's yelling "GET THE NET!!!". "GET YOUR OWN NET!!!" i yelled back cause we were all hooked up @ the same time. worked that same spot til it dried up with a total of 10 blueline, citations all around, 3 nice sea bass & a red hake. slow start, good finish. headed to the barn about 5 pm. todd- 11.5 lbs, jamie- 16.5, tony- around 15, i'll weigh it today.

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    Welcome to the BOC Jamie! Nice report. Never been out to sea and fished. I would like to one day when time allows.