"Official Abu Reel Glossary"

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    Glossary of Reel Terminologies

    A = Small arbor spool, larger line capacity than the standard spool (for example 5000A)

    AB = Anti-backlash, (for example 5600AB)

    B = Small arbor spool, larger line capacity and a line out alarm (for example 5000B)

    C = Reel has 2 ball bearings in the spool or around the spool axle depending on spool design

    CI = Reel produced for Independent dealers

    C3 = Reel has two ball bearings in the spool plus a one-way roller bearing for the anti-reverse (the 7000C3/7500C3 reels have two ball bearings at the ends of the spool axle plus a third ball bearing around the crank shaft)

    C4 = Reel has two ball bearings in the spool, one ball bearing in the level wind plus a one-way roller bearing for the anti-reverse

    C5 = The reel has two ball bearings in the spool, two ball bearings in the level wind plus a one-way roller bearing for the anti-reverse

    CB = Self-centering – disengaging level wind (for example 4600CB) 1980’s

    CS = C stands for ball bearings, the S is short for "Sports", as in "6500C Sports Rocket

    CT = Non level wind model

    D = Direct drive - Drag works only when your hand is off the handle grips. (For example 5000D)

    DA = Direct drive with palming side plate

    DL = Deluxe = Gold plated model

    GR = Graphite construction

    HCL = The H stands for High-speed, the CL for ball bearings and level wind, as in "Big Game 6500HCL"

    HS = High speed reel

    HSI = High Speed with Infini spool design

    HSN = High speed narrow frame reel

    IAR = Instant Anti Reverse (for example 2500CIAR)

    IVCB = Infinitely Variable Centrifugal Brake

    J-speed = the "J" stands for Japan, the J-speeds (8000/9000/10000) are high-speed saltwater reels made for the Japanese market.

    L = Level wind (for example 6500CL, 9000CL; originally used for the 9000CL and 10000CL to indicate that those models had a level wind.

    LC = Line counter reel

    LD = Lever drag reel

    LDN = Lever drag reel with narrow frame

    SP = Sprint 6.3:1 gear ratio

    W = Winch 3.8:1 gear ratio

    Abu Garcia reels come in the following sizes:
    1x00, 2x00, 3x00, 4x00, 5x00, 6x00, 7x00, 8x00, 9000, 10000. The 7x00 and up models are larger reels, with the 7x00 holding 300 yds of
    Berkley Big Game 25# line and the 10000 holding well over 300 yds of Big Game 40# line.

    The X in the size when replaced with a 5 represents a push button free spool release model and a 6 is a thumbar free spool release model.
    Note that other size designations have been used. For example the 521/522/523, 821/822/823 or 1021/1022 made during the eighties, or the
    Ultra Mag I, II, III, IV, V, VI. "1" or "I" means a 4000-size reel, a "2" or "II" means a 5000-size reel, a "3" or "III" means a 6000-size reel and so on up.

    we have needed this for a long time....

    got off www.abugarcia.com
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