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    I was just wandering does anyone know about the historey of the area you live in?Keokuk is rich in historey but alot of our population born and raized here dont even have a clue.Keokuk is named after a sauk/fox chief,befor the damb it was all rapids and settled as a trading post.It was a large part of the underground r/r and the damb here use to be one of the largest hydro electric power plants in the world owned by the city and sold (BIG MISTAKE)we have a paddle wheel museam caled the George M.Varitey that was ran on the Ohio sold to the city fer 1 dollar with some stipulations that are still being honored.It had to keep the name,couldt change the appearence ....
    We sit on what they call the half breed track .I am not positive as to all the meaning behind that but recolection says it is due to the trappers and indians.....There are several burriel grounds in our area ,we have a old powderworks close by just to name a few things.....and if historey isnt kept alive it is forgotten.It gets real interesting if you take the time to look.
    Its freezin and I have nothing better to do so I thought Id throw this out at yas fer something to think about.What do you know about yer area?
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    Omaha NE
    Interesting stuff.