Of faith, hope, and getting ready to die...

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    As a pastor, I can truly say that one of the most difficult jobs is hospital visitation--visiting with people who are in really bad shape. I always grapple with the tough question, "Do I give them hope against hope that God will heal them, or do I concentrate on getting them ready to die?"

    Both priorities are crucial to the visiting pastor, but both seem to conflict.

    Both priorities seem to conflict, but I have found that they both really are one and the same. Give people hope and they will be ready for anything. This is not a vain hope, but one deeply rooted in faith.

    I have learned not to ask, "Are you ready to die?" but rather, "Are you ready to live?"

    Hope looks toward an unbounded future. Faith reaches toward an everlasting future.

    Some of you have loved ones that are in bad shape. Their time here is limited. Give them hope. You just might be surprised what God can do!
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    I could not agree more, thanks for the post. I have just recently experienced something like this with the loss of one of my soldiers in Iraq.

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    Thanks for the post, I wish we had a pastor or priest like you when my mother was in the nursing home!! The priest was so worried about the donation & that we woke him up at 4 O'clock in the morning to come down!!:angry:
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    Hope for the Future, that is important. We all have a Future whether we are Alive or Dead.

    On healing, I don't know. You just don't know what God has in Mind. I have prayed alot to be healthy. That didn't work. So is my health my fault,[probably] my healing or not healing my fault [probably too] ?? Do we try to Blame God. I think not.

    I guess it comes down to that taking it "One Day at a Time."

    I'm not good at visiting folks in hospitals. I don't know what I could say, that would help.

    When folks are old, and in poor health, it seems to me that they would be more ready to meet their Maker. Now when you are not that old, gosh I don't know, do I want to meet Him, YES, do I want to meet him today, NO.

    It's like all the church folks want to go to heaven, but not today. Once I wake up, I want to enjoy the day. No one wants that to stop. I guess God will have to take me while I'm sleeping, because if I'm awake, the beauty of the world [Gods Creation] calls out to me.

    But when one is in a hospital, especially if there are no windows, there is no way to phisically see the beauty of God's Creation. Then it would be easier to really not care on the outcome, of your hospital visit/stay.

    Those folks, the windowless folks, Really need that cheering up, they need to see a purpose, a real reason to want to go on.

    Jeremiad----- You have a tough job.
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    I think that instead of saying will God heal you maybe let them know that God can heal them. If its his doing then you will be healed. Not trying to put a downer on what you are trying to do as it must be the hardest thing to see and do for some, but telling them that God will heal you and they die it can kind of leave a bad aftertaste of religion to the family members. It can be skirted around by saying that God healed them and they are in heaven but its not the same in my eyes. Tough job bro I know that I would not be able to do it very well.
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    I concur with Gary. It's not a question of GOD's ability to heal...it's a question of GOD's timing to heal.
    He allots each of us a time on Earth. If the circumstance we're praying for healing about is contrary to this allotted time, we will go to meet our Saviour personally and the descendants should understand that GOD's will and OUR will rarely, if ever, coincide.
    I always pray the GOD's will be done in their life and that HE show us what that will is.
    This seems to make accepting the passage of a loved one much easier, if the descendants believe in GOD's will and power.
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    Your job is the hardest to do . God's will is always done in his time .It seems as humans we want our prayers answered in our will and right now .I am only guessing you had one of those visits today and I will pray for your strength.