ODWC response to query concerning littering

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    To help keep our fisheries clean, put your local game warden's phone number in your cellphone. Numbers can be found at:

    From: Manering, Larry
    Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 4:28 PM
    To: Boxrucker, Jeff
    Subject: RE: Littering fishermen

    Jeff, I had read this and something came up to distract me from answering the question. Leaving or discarding fish on the bank is a serious violation of our state’s laws and we work this violation when notified or observed. We would welcome calls from concerned citizens about the problem any info that would lead us to the parties responsible.

    Larry Manering
    Chief of Enforcement
    Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

    From: Boxrucker, Jeff
    Sent: Monday, August 06, 2007 7:39 AM
    To: Edwards, Jim ; Manering, Larry
    Subject: FW: Littering fishermen

    Any suggestions for response? Jeff

    From: Albert McBee
    Sent: Saturday, August 04, 2007 4:43 PM
    To: Albert McBee
    Subject: Littering fishermen

    Dear Sirs:

    With the increase in fisherman traffic comes a flood of litter that is generally left by a small minority of fishermen in our parks and open fishing areas. As a member of the Brotherhood of Catfishermen (BOC), I abhor this practice and do my personal best to leave a fishing area in a cleaner condition than I found it. The following thread addresses the BOC's view of littering:


    I recently witnessed a disgusting experience... When I arrived to join friends at the south side of the Lake Eufaula tailwaters, I was greeted with the stench of rotting fish. The rocks were filled with the rotting carcasses of large gar and literally thousands of discarded shad. There was a great deal of discarded fishing line, paper litter, glass, plastic and other packaging materials. Noticably absent were aluminum cans.

    Would the ODWC please help keep an eye on these high traffic fishing areas? We of the BOC are few and cannot be expected to police the fishing areas of the state. We each will gladly pick up trash wherever we fish, but we cannot begin to keep up with the so-called fishermen that are determined to trash up our most vulnerable and must used fishing areas.

    Tailwaters of the dams in all areas of the state are always targets of litterbugs... and most of the litter seems to be deposited on Friday and Saturday evenings and nights when the bulk of the traffic arrives. At least it seems that way here at L&D16.

    What does the ODWC recommend that we conscientious sportsmen do to help the officers enforce the law?

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    That's some mighty interesting info right there, Albert. Thanks a bunch.

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    i'm with you, Albert...i eat fish, and i use fish for bait....however, to throw them on the shore to rot, as we witnessed at eufala, means neither me, you, nor other fish eat them...they simply waste...a pox on those that do that!