Odell out again, What do you guys think?

Discussion in 'NFL Talk' started by SkiMax, Jul 26, 2007.

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    It was announced this morning that Odell Thurman for the Bengals is having his ban extended to a 2nd year. I personally think this is garbage, but what do you guys think? Here are some facts to think about before saying.

    -Odell failed a drug test because he forgot about it and went on vacation, a miss goes as a fail. He got 4 games for that (Fine with that). And by drug test this was steroids, not crack.
    -He then recieved a DUI and got suspended for the entire year, once again-Fine with that, he drunk and drove, he deserved it.
    -Has not gotten in trouble, or failed a drug test, in almost a year, complied with every demand by the office, and they extend it for a second year.

    -Pacman Jones has been in numerous counts, only 1 year
    -Chris Henry has had multiple charges, everything from pulling a gun to supplying minors alcohol (didnt actually do, the room they drank in was
    underhis name, he was not present, but still his fault) got 8 games
    -Shawn Merriman tested POSITIVE for steroids, got 4 games and was back
    -Michael Vick has been indighted on dog fighting felonies (everybody knows the story) has just been told not to report to camp
    -Joey Porter and 4 friends/thugs walked up to another NFL player in a casino and punched him in the face, unprovoked, the incident caught on security tapes and only got a FINE, no suspension what so ever.

    Is it just me or do the suspensions not seem to follow any logic?
    As you tell I am extremely P.O.'d by this and can't wait to either hear if there is more to the story (like he wasn't as compliant as it was reported, but I think that woulda already came out).

    Let me know what you guys think!
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    Ski, I couldn't agree with you more! Vick even though isn't guilty yet, kills dogs and let's them fight till they die, which in my opinion is just sick! He'll probably end up getting out of it because of who he is. Porter should have been arrested for assault and battery and atleast should have been suspended for a half a season. Shawn Merriman, you know it's kind of funny how he still got defensive player of the year and only got four games suspended?? Has anyone heard anything else about Merriman and his steroid use? Here's another question, has anyone heard about Barry Bonds steroid use lately?? How about everyday. Therman is definetly getting jipped on his sentence with the NFL.