Ode to a Sunfish.

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    Today was the best Saturday in the past three weeks that has come this way. So I packed up the family and headed down to a little spot were we catch a few cats, but mostly target the shellies and 'gills. My 4 year old daughter is really getting into fishing now, and what I saw in her today was something that will last a lifetime...not just in pictures, not just in my memories...but in her life, and will mold her into something more than just your average kid, because for a second in time, I once again saw myself on a local body of water back in Iowa having a blast catching 6" sunfish!

    One after another she would lower her bait into the water and proclaim,"Look dad....their smackin' it, their smackin' it!!!" And when she tied into one that went 10" on that ultralight set-up....man, you would have sworn she was battling a blue marlin out somewhere on the high seas! The memories will last a lifetime.

    So today, albeit a bit cheesy, I owe a debt of gratitude to the sunfish. No matter how many I've caught, no matter how much bigger I've caught, but they've never let me down. They helped mold the fisherman I am today, and hopefully the fishergirl(as I was corrected earlier today by my daughter), that she will become. And that through the next years, she continues to fish and experiment on sunfish, and accidently catch bass and catfish, and that leads her to explore her talents more....

    So here's to the sunfish...who helped make a lot of us the fisherman(or woman) we are today!

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