Octoraro Lake 22 Sep 17

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    Discovered a catfish tournament up there so I took a ride. I finally got ther at 1730 and registration was at 1745. Registered and ready to go. Tournament starts at 1900 and I can't find my floats. Then I learn I can't return to my vehicle once the tournament starts and sadly because of that rule I had to carry all my gear in 1 trip which slowed me down and I wound up in a bad spot that I thought I could make work...wrong. Anyway it was tough fishing all around 3rd place weighted in 2.5 lbs. I got 1 micro bulkhead. So live and learn next year I will be better prepared and redeem myself. Meanwhile I'm going to get a non resident license next year and pay octoraro a few visits big crappie, a shot at walleye, and rental boats? I'm in! Be back soon.
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    Thanks for the info - I keep meaning to try that tournament but never can seem to make it, appreciate the heads up on the rules....
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