Oct. Channel Catfish

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    Yesterday 6:15AM.,Hit the Illinois River North of Chillicothe fishing a little slow as our places we usually fish were not working.New plan went over to other side of the river channel,the clay side with hard bottom.Started fishing 18 feet of water,creek chubs and 3 oz. wieght.That did the trick in the next two and a half hours we boated 18 fish from 6# to the largest at 12#.So keep in mind guys that where they were in the summer,that they are not there now ,but they are bigger and nicer looking fish.Probally only got one more fishing trip for the season as i hunt and have to get our wood supply in for the winter as we heat with wood.Hope everyones season was a good and save one and that you have alot of fish fryes this winter.John(Ole Bullhead)Hagen