Oct. 3 fishing on the Ohio River

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by jason berry, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Went out last night and caught some fresh skipjack and kept them on ice. I fished in 30-35 feet of water. The fish were biting but they would hit it and not hit it again all night was like this. I bet I missed about 10 or so do to the hook Im using and them probably being smaller catfish. The first fish was this weird looking albino mix never caught one like this before around 5 pounds he is pretty though. Second fish would have been my personal best. The flatheads were doing there best about picking the bait up and dropping it last night. I have them do this alot with cut bait or dead bait. But this fish picked that skipjack up and moved the end of my pole again and I set that hook like I was trying to kill him. I hooked him good and then he started running to the boat. still thought I had a smaller one until he got under the boat and I started reeling up. He bent the end of my pole to the reel. I knew I had a very nice fish I had to muscle him a little bit to keep him from getting in the other lines. he was taking line the whole time. Now I got this flathead to the top of the water on the side of the boat and he had got wrapped around the anchor line and this fish was big around as I am almost. Just as I started reaching for the net he hit the side of boat and snapped that line at the knot possible cross thread on the palomar on the swivel and I fell back almost off the boat.
    So I didnt get him he was 50+ for sure I got a good look at him real close I think he was 60-65 pounds. i will get this fish. third fish 23 Pound flathead that I didnt even know was on the line because these flats are hitting the bait one time and either sitting their with the bait or swimming up river.

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    Did you get that out of your aquerium:0a5:

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    man thats the wildest looking cat i have ever seen. too bad u didnt get the biggun in. but the other flat was still a nice fish. sounds like they kept u busy last night at least. Keep it up u will get ahold of a monster again
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    Greenup Co. KY
    Congrats!!! Very nice fish!!!:wink::cool2:
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    Looks like you could have milked that fish
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    Congrats on the Flathead, and the odd catch.