oberto redfish Tournaments on TV

Discussion in 'ALL OTHER FISH' started by eggman, Mar 8, 2006.

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    Does anyone ever watch these? It seems like the goofiest way to fish I have ever seen. Rush rush to different spots, then you can't catch too big a fish, or too small of one either. Seems like a lot of work just to catch a drum.....lol

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    Of course you all know by now I will blurt out what I think. I also thought this was silly at first however after some thought I believe it is the most level playing field there is. I also like the fact that it is a team effort. Many fathers and sons teams. brother and brother, and other family and friend teams. This is something the industry should keep in the public and promote to the younger ones we want to influnce governament to keep these going in the futher.


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    I agree.The best shows of all are the ones with the youth.The best "Redfish" show that I ever saw was my 6 year old son catching a 6+ pound Spot Tail Bass as we called them.The rod was tied to the boat so that he could not lose it.The drag was set light enough for him to handle it.I followed that fish all over while that child had the time of his life.It did not end there.He did not want it mounted.He wanted to eat it.He wanted it "baked with taters and onions and all the family invited over to eat his fish".So be it.We did.There was a downside.When the fish was hooked we were fixing to head home from a family island outing with my inlaws.My father inlaw informed me that he was ready to go home.He stated that the "fish was too big for him to land,that he was just a child,break it off."I replied"it will break his heart." His reply was"He is just a child.He will get over it.I am ready to go home."I asked "do you have a emergency." His reply was "No,I am just tired.I am ready to go home,if you won;t break it off I will." as he tried to get to my son.I grabbed him.I said "No you won:t." I got in my boat with my son.I came back when my sons fish was in the boat.I hate what happened.Would I still handle it the same?Yup! peewee-williams
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    wow i cant beleive what some people act like! dont worry i think you handled it very good, i might have just swung for the fences with my fists even if he was my father in law.

    the redfish cups are ok. better then watching any other shows on tv. i like the slot limit on the reds it lets all the big reds breed since they make up to 5 times as many eggs as the smaller fish do. i wish more states would so that with many other gamefish. very confusing with the teams if ytou dont really watch closly because you have no clue who is winning and what teams needs what. i personaly like the offshore adventures, george pormollios(spelling?) world of saltewater fish, the spanish fly, and big game fishing the world for sunday mournings.
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    My view:

    Redfishing = Saltwater's version of Bass Fishing

    It doesn't make sense to me, when there are way larger fish in the ocean, to target redfish. I dream of fishing in the ocean and when I finally get to go, I'm danged sure gonna target a better fish. I'm going for catfish in fresh water and will target a BIG fish in salt water.