Oak Hollow weekend of july 19/20'th

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    Saturday was the tournament and no one showed up to enter, Made me a little sad but my bud Chuck Price went out fishing anyway's. After fishing with chuck I'm gald we did not have the tournament he wiped me up big time in catching more and bigger fish. Bad part was we were in the same boat, my boat. Most times when Chuck and i go fishing we are 1:1 in what we catch and i end up getting the big fish. but he plane out right kicked my butt. I could not get a good hook up for the life of me. Chuck and I got alot of action all day till we left around 3pm the biggest was Chucks channel comming in at 9lbs 6oz with some not much smaller our range went from 3lbs to Chucks big fish of the day.
    Sunday I went out by myself to check out other areas of the lake the wind was well .....................what wind. Making drifting a little slow. I did manage to get a 10lb 6oz blue in the boat with several in the 4lb range I left the lake at noon. The lake has been producing some all day action on cut and whole shad, If you want some fun break out the ul and put a small pice of cut shad and a split shot on and start catching the small channles in the 1-2 lb range on 2-4lb test line is more fun you can handle. I also was using slipbobber rigg with the stop at 17' drifting in 20' +/- water with several good hook ups and some good runs on my freeline. The shad are in the bubbles and schooling all over the lakes, the schools on the lake are small shad in the 2"-3" range and if you pay a close eye on them you may see some hybreads break on them. in the bubbles the shad are 3" on up great for cut bait. Just remember to put on your sunblock and drink lots of water in this hot weather. When your on the lake, also CPR your big cats lets maintain the cat pouplation so others may enjoy catching.
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    Sounds like some nice fishing congrats!