Oak Hollow Sunday Oct,12,08

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    Today was wired as all heck the wind was still a little confused but not as gusty, I had on board two BOC members as my guest, Brandon (aka, katsandsuds, and Matt (aka, sqlhawkn) we did manage to get a few cats boated, the bite was slow and not real aggressive, Shad are disbursing off the bubbles and now all over the lake, The water temp has dropped, with the rain we had last week and cooler weather the lake has slowed down a little and with the prediction of rain this week may push the temp down a little more, If you are going to fish this lake i would say if you find a area that is producing work it several times, A little electronic tracking may be needed to find the bigger cats since they have moved form areas a week ago.good luck, Jeff
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    North Carolina
    Appreciate the trip! Had fun with you fellows! Gotta do it again sometime! A day on the water is always beter than a day shopping for groceries....with the wife......at Walmart!

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    Thanks again Jeff. This is the third time I have been to Oak Hollow, and each time I go, I learn more and like the lake even better. I will be fishing there more and more as time goes on. Had a great time with you and Sqlhawkn and although the bite was a bit slow, it was nice to catch a couple of nice fish.
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    Thanks for the report, sounds like you guys are doing pretty good.