Oak Hollow Sunday July 6th what a ending for a long weekend

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    Well as the weekend is winding down I thought i would ask my friend Chuck to go out fishing. This morning started out perfect catting weather, overcast, damp and slight breeze, heck if it was fall i would said prefect waterfowl weather. We started out right off the bat with a 5lb cat and did not stop there we were getting hook ups all morning and into the afternoon. Chuck got a nice channel in the 8lb range and i got one in the 10lb range, There were a few small ones in the 3lb range most were 5lbs and above. We were using cut shad and shad heads on a drift. One could not ask for a better ending of a long weekend. Like i have said in many of my posts, Your local city lakes may have some of the best fishing around if you take your time and explore it. Today our lake was hopping with shad schooling, white bass breaking on small minnows and the stripes breaking on the white bass. I tossed out a spinner and got some small stripes in the 2 lb range fun as heck on ul spinning rig using 2 lb test line.

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    Nice catch there Jeff. Think Im gonna wait till the temps go back down b4 I get back on the Boat!

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    We had great luck the last time we were there. My son was fly fishing with streamer flies and hooking up on bass pretty regular. We set up several drifts and had a bunch of bites. The ones we hooked up on were good size and a lot of fun. I caught a 8 lb blue right next to the bubble line in the center of the lake.

    Pretty much were ever we went the cats were biting. I sure would like to spend the night fishing that lake if it were legal.


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    Nice fish Jeff. i got to fix up my boat b4 i get out on the lake.