Oak Hollow Sunday 6/22/08

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  1. ncfowler

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    Where were they yesterday? I got out on the lake today, What a great day the wind was just right for drifting and overcast. I got my bait with easy at the bubbles in one cast of the net. I was using whole and cut shad. I got 1 around 14 lbs and several others in the 8-10lb range and a mess in the 2-3 lb range. the bite was on! in total 15+ cats in all. WE had out tournament yesterday and i could have used them. but can't have everything. No matter where i went on the lake i was getting hits and cats. I did see a stripe get landed on another boat looked around 8 or so lbs. I would say that the lake has now came back and turning on.
  2. Thenutslanded

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    Archdale, North Carolina
    thats awsome news to hear comin from around here i live in archdale iv got the fever bad for these cats and we didnt get to go fishin this week so i think im gonna head out to oak hollow maybe tomorrow and try it out i cant wait till i can get the money to buy me a boat maybe i should buy a houseboat LOL and live on a lake somewere LOL :smile2:

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    Jeff my brother tubbycatfishin went fishing with you and liked the lake alot so im thinkin bout cumin up there and trying it especially if i can exspect # like that it aint that far away heck it might be closer than badin for me but congrats on the good day fishin.
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    Man glad to hear ya had a good day on the lake Jeff! Couldve used a bite like that when I was there. Howd' tha tourney turn out?