oak hollow sunday 6/1/08

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    Ok lake give me a break please. I had a guide with a a young fellow and his son. the cats were anything but helpful. bait was in the bubbles big time so getting shad was real quick and easy. we made a drift and only got a few hits and landed only a few small ones in the less than 2 lb range, I made a move to the shallows with hopes. it paid off we were getting some up to 5lbs. over all the son and father had a good time. when the cats slacked off i let the boy use my crappie rod which he got 10 crappie in the boat in a short time. over all they had a good time, With the warm weather the cats should be getting back into the deeper water during the day, I will be out on saturday later in the day till the lake close I hope to give you a better report.
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    Hope it picks up for ya Jeff. Best of luck!