Oak Hollow Labor Day

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    We went to Oak Hollow today. Got there just after opening and found the lake down 3.5 feet. Plenty of shad in the bubble lines and the water was a balmy 83 degrees.
    We caught several pounds of big shad and iced them down. The wind was fickle, light, and variable. Twice we had to reverse the direction of our drifts due to wind shifts.
    The big fish did not seem to on the bite although i could see them on my color Lowrance sitting on the bottom. We did catch around 15 lbs of blues and channel cats before 12:00 along with a fat, healthy 6 lb blue and a 12" flathead. All went back into the lake

    Rig of the day was the Santee Cooper rig shown to me by Capt. Daryll Smith. It consists of an a barrel swivel with clip tied to the end of the main line. Tie a two foot leader to the other end of the barrel swivel. Use the clip to attach a 1.2 oz. Eagle claw slinky weight. About 1/2 way down the leader put a crappie float and finish off the leader with a #4 circle hook. This rig lets you drift over almost anything with your bait suspended just off of the bottom, out of the mud and leaves, ect
    It outfished regular Carolina rigs and other slip weight rigs that drag the bait on the bottom 2 to 1 this morning.

    We are waiting the cooler weather...........
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    North Caro
    Fine post there David. Sounds like you got a few nice ones.
    The weather certainly has started coming around. Now, just need some rain!