Oak Hollow 6/15/08

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    Well today I got out for a while, The shad were thick in the bubbles. So getting bait was easy, I started out in the shallows because i had luck there earlier last week. All I was getting was big turtles. I moved into deeper water and found some good schools of Channels I boated some 15 in the 3LBS +range, the real large cats are still eluding me. I was using cut shad on a slow drift. The cats are showing up in the deeper water. Too anyone who's doing the tournament this weekend bring your sunblock and lots of water I think you will have some good luck hooking up on the cats. Hint, i was using a 4/0 circle hook on a 1"cut peace of shad. I did get a hook up on whole shad threaded. good luck
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    Good news..............I am back on the water and doing some fishing. My son has been bowfishing some and we arrowed a 14 lb carp the other day. On Lake Brandt the shad are so thick in the sallows you can catch 7 or 8 per net throw many of them brim size fish! We saw them jumping in our wake and went back, threw the net at random and started catching them.
    I think the channels are currently feeding on small hatchlings and invertebrates. I had the same experience. Whole or half shad was getting zero bites. I started cutting small fillets and the bites picked up. A piece the size of a 50 cent piece with part of the gut pocket was getting hit pretty regularly.

    I haven't had a bite from a blue in a while and the biiger channels are....well.........they have to be somewhere but I haven't found them yet.

    I guess we will keep trying.

    See ya on the water