Oak Hollow 3/7 3/8

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    What a great weekend to be on the water, with warm weather and clear skies, The wind was gusty but I'll live with it, I was supprised not many people were out but, just gives me more lake to play with, On saturday when i got to the lake the water was smoothe as ice with little wind the shad are now popping and it made getting bait a little easyer because you can target the popping shad, with the full moon being that night the bite was slow but it still was there, I missed several good hits "too busy playing with my cast net" at the end of Saturday I had enough shad for Sunday's day out, the wind picked up on Sunday and I had to put out the 2 large drift socks to drop my drift down, the bite picked up and i did get a few good ones the boat, 2 over 10lbs and one in the 5lb range and several smaller ones, Once again the bite was slow but the ones i got hammer the snot out of the bait, Looks like the new building at the marina will be opening up soon, can't wait to sit on the new wraparound porch they have, Also I have put up a sign up sheet to start a Oak Hollow Catfishing Club, if you do fish Oak Hollow please sign up, or pm me so when i call the first meeting i can let you know, Jeff
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    Sounds like fun! Glad you caught a few!