Oak Hollow 3 22,23, 09 looks who's on board

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    Looks who's was on board my boat ez-drifting this weekend, I'm not going to say but you all can most likely guess, She is a mod here at the BOC, Take a guess come on, well the cats were not as good as i thought they would be this time of the year, The white cats are hitting good this weekend we got some nice whites and several channels, even though the biggest cat was only 7+/-lbs we had a good time, the bait was well lets say i cast my net all day and only was able to get 4 shad, I finding the schools were not hard but they were strung out making it hard to put the net over a mass. My guest boated some seven cats and missing several other ones, the bite was light and bait grabbing, I was able to land 1 and 1/8 cats the 1/8 was a real small cat in my cast net. Does that count? I did have several runs but once again only a bait grab. ok lets see who was on board. yep that is Eithne

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    The wife and I had a tough day saturday as well Jeff. We only managed a couple small channels and 1 decent white. No bites on the shrimp I had, caught 1 fish on secert 7 dip bait, and the rest on cut bluegill. The bite was not very aggressive at all, and circle hooks were not the best option, but all I had. I will be making up some leaders with kahle hooks or j-style, so we can set the hook and increase our bite-to-catch ratio when they are that mild mannered. Marked alot of fish, but very few bites. We had same luck with shad, casted alot, but small pods and scattered. Still good day on the water.

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    Jeff, that was a neat report bro, even though ya don't think ya caught anything worth mentioning really. Fishing is fun, IMO, no matter whether ya catch the BIG one or not! (Kris might be able to teach ya somethin' about that though Jeff :wink:.)

    Have you fished in NC before Kristine? Here's hoping you had a good time while you were here sis! :cool2:
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    Still sounds like a good day on the water Jeff.
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    It was a fun day. Even though the fish weren't exactly cooperative. To answer Tanya's question, that was my first fishing trip in NC. Hopefully we'll get a chance to go out again soon.