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Discussion in 'Homemade baits' started by catfisherman369, Jun 28, 2007.

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    Wheaties & raw Hamburger!!! Yes, you read it right! Make dough bait of Wheaties & water (just a-Nuff to make a very firm ball), now mix in an equal part of the cheapest Burger you can find (cats love cholesterol) Now throw in just a pinch of garlic powder & BAM!

    Fish this mix under a slip bobber with the bait 1-2 inches off the bottom. I wade the lower White River (Indy area) & KILL THEM CAT"S using this bait! Just put on a ball about the size of a grape on the hook, drop it in the current & let it drift downstream 40 or 50 yards, if ya ain't got a fish on by then (a rare occurrence, but it could happen from time to time) reel it back in & try again, if you have trouble keeping this goop on your hook (ya put too much water in the wheaties) try using some of that plastic netting ya get when ya buy a bag of onions, you know the stuff! It seems to work a lot better than "PANTY HOSE" & your wife won't look at ya cross eyed when you ask for it.
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    gotta give this one a try.

    You catch any good ones on it?

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    A piece of old panty hose works great for holding on loose baits such as liver and dough baits
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    Check it out...Floyd is even catchin cats using meatballs, LOL.

    I'm gonna have to try that one...I gotta little spot that's perfect for it ; )

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    Just may be a good ticket to some nice channel cats thanks,,,
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    Man I thought everybody has heard about Fishing with Wheaties, We've been mixing it with either dogfood, catfood, hamburger, Deer Burger, salmon grounded up fine, spinach (for carp), fish oil etc.... for yrs.

    I've even caught carp and cats on just plain wheaties stuffed into a old sock and dipped into the water at the lake or pond etc.. and mixed up on the spot and fished.It works :wink:

    The trick is to use the ingredient to be mixed with the wheaties as the liquid,mix until you have a good ball, add just a little water if needed to get real sticky, and until you have the right consistency for a real firm ball. Then as you fish and as the ball dries and starts to fall apart, just add a little water and rework it.

    If you use dry dogfood and catfood, add about 1/2cup water to 3 cups dry let absorb then grind up and mix with wheaties, same thing when drying out , mix a little water with it and re-work it.

    Carry some flour with you also, cause when you get to much water on it , you can firm it back up with the flour. You can also add cherry/strawberry koolaid to it along with many other flavors to your likeing.

    It does catch fish.:wink:
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    There is a video on Youtube.com this man makes his own bait with hamburger and limburger cheese, garlic mini wheats serria mist and looks like it works stays on the hook good.