NY, 50 foot river. id say maybe 10 foot deep max.

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by Wanna_learn_more, Jun 22, 2009.

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    Alright well im 16 and i have everything needed. ive gone out 2 years now for about 8 hours a night bout once every 2 weeks pooring rain or not. ive tried EVERYTHING! literally. shrimp liver worms crawfish cut baits chums of all sorts deep fishing near the top of the water, slow current usually near a train track with often trains on it and some small boats motor through. Please help me. i fish channels mainly. i fish in Ny near comstock. any tips are always appreciated thank you very much.
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    10 ft.. seems a bit shallow even for channel cats..Find deeper water would be my advice..

  3. bluejay

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    If your not doing good in shallow water go deeper. Fish current when possible. Welcome to the BOC.
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    I'm not sure what to say bud. The parts of the Allegheny River I fish here in PA aren't very deep, a lot of spots are 10 feet or less as I can wade out a good ways for bass fishing. At any rate, I catch a ton of cats, channels and flats, in very shallow water at night. Heck, my PB flathead came in 4.5-5 feet of water and that was caught around 7 o'clock in the evening.

    IMO it's definitely not the depth, I think you just need to try some new locations because you should have been able to accidentally catch a cat by now. For the record, one of my favorite fishing spots is probably 20 feet from a busy set of tracks so I don't think the trains are spooking your fish either.