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Nuking Chicken liver

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Any here ever tried microwaving chicken liver to get it to stay on the hook better? I just did a batch up to try at the river this week. I only pu them in fior about 30 seconds just long enough to get em to harden up a bit and I coated them with garlic powder as well then put them bcak in the container with the blood. Can't wait to try it out!
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I've probably posted this several times (apologies) but the trick to getting chicken livers to stay on the hook is threefold:

1) Start with good fresh chicken, that haven't been frozen, if possible. When in good shape, they will stay on a single hook, let alone a treble hook.

2) If you use a treble hook, put a clasp swivel on the end of your line. This way, you can easily remove the hook without constantly re-tying it. Take the swivel hook and push it through the piece of liver. I use #4 trebles mostly.

3) Use bait-mesh, spawn-net, or what ever you call it to tie the liver up in. This is better than pantyhose (IMHO) because it is near impossible to get hose off the hook once it is on. Bait mesh will come off a little easier when you do need to re-bait, plus it seems a little more porous.

Let us know how the nuking goes for you, I am curious. Always looking for new tips. :smile1:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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