Nueces River Fishing Report

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    Hey guys for those who are going fishing on the Nueces River in South Texas here is to date's fishing report.

    Water Levels: Current, little or none, Water Temp 76F, Murky - mainly sediment and loose vegetation, Air Temp 70F NNE Wind 10-25mph gusts to 26mph

    The Nueces River at Swinney Switch, TX is currently 13' deep. The recent rainfall from early October has brought the river from 10' to 13', holding constant at 13' and running at a very low volume. We are still in severe drought down here, the river should be around 23' at this location during normal rainfall conditions.


    Trotline: Size 5/0 090SS Eagle Claw Hooks: Live Goldfish are bringing up blues and channels anywhere from 2 to 11#'s overnight; mainly on the edges of the river. Cut carp and dead shad on the same hook are producing yellows in the shallows as well. I caught a 22# yellow on the 15th October on cut carp, they were not biting on live baits at this time.

    Rod&Reel: Eagle Claw Treble: Blues and Channels are biting on Lewis King's Blood Bait in the deepest waters.

    Other Wildlife Factors:

    Turtles: Since the recent rains, the slight current in the river has caused the Red Eared Sliders to move to shallow, currentless slues. Hibernation may be influencing their activity as well.

    Gar: Alligator gar 3-5' have been spotted surfacing during the day to clean their airways of mud. Short-nose gar have been working trotlines baited with live bait so good luck keeping perch or goldfish on your lines.

    If you have any questions about fishing the Nueces feel free to email me.