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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by tofish, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. tofish

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    a lot of years driving in N.J. in the snow, but i've never driven with 4X4 in it. it's beginning to look like i'm gonna have to make a emergency run up from yuma,az to the pan handle of idaho in the next couple of days. not for sure, but about 80% sure.. folks involved. have 4X4, but no chains as tires are over sized but all terrained. heard roads are bad up there. any thoughts? or suggestions?
  2. postbeetle

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    Driven 4X 4's all my life. Would never be without one. They can get you out of some things, but they don't really prevent you from getting into some things. Pretend you don't have it and just drive safe. Keep her on your side of the road and if it is bad, find a casino and lay over there until it blows over, or the roads are cleared or you run out of money.

    Take Sgt Somethingsdraggin' with you and find a snow shovel that will fit his hands.

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    north carolina
    I grew up with 4x4s and trust when i say,they get stuck just like a 2wd dont think for a second just because you have a 4x4 you can go faster or anywhere with it.youll wind up stickin it up or runnin in a ditch or over summin with it trust me been there,seen that,got the t-shirt,and the
    Just use ya head youll be fine,cant imagine life without a 4x4 but ya need to think before ya lock it in trust ya gut feelings..
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    4x4 will get you going in almost any weather but they dont stop on ice any better than a 2 whell drive.keep your foot off the brake and be careful.
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    drive smart and be careful
  6. Wabash River Bear

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    I read in your post that you have oversize allterrains on your ride.You didnt mention the size so I'll assume they are big. I have ProComp 305/70/16 AllTerrains on 10" rims mounted on my truck, and I'll tell ya, they suck in snow. They seem to want to get on top of the snow, load up, and get slick. The allterrain pattern is too close to clean out and too fat to dig in. If you are on a slushy road thats like ruts, they want to wonder around in the stuff. This is the last set of allterrains I will own, the next set will be mud terrains.
    All in all, the best snow situation tire setup I have found is a narrow (stock width and diameter) mud and snow pattern tire. They are narrow enough to slice through the snow and slush, and have an aggressive enough tread pattern to clean themselve out.
    I just wanted you to be aware of what to expect if you have a simular tire setup to mine. Be careful, and plan provisions in case of a mishap. Good luck.