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Went down to the W-Mart tonight with the wife, doin the weekly shoppin. Like most guys I wonder off to the sporting goods, auto, hardware, and electronics while she gets the grocerys. I was in the computer stuff ooglin the new widescreen flatpanel monitors (man I wish I had a spare $300.00) and saw some computer speakers for $24.00. Mine are old screechy cheepo's, they sound so bad I cant stand to turn em on, so I treated myself coz I like to listen to my favs while I'm on here. I got to tell ya, for $24.00 these things rock! They are Altec Lansing speakers with a powered sub woofer, model BX1121. The bass hits hard and the highs and mids are clear as a bell. They have an auxillery input for one of those mp3 gadjets, and a headphone output (so the wife dont get upset while she's watchin C.S.I.) Now I can jam in style while I'm postin my azz off!:smile2:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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