Nothing worse than a thief

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by new kat, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. new kat

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    La Plata Missouri
    :angry: :angry: :angry: i set trotline in an old river channel last night. went back this morning and someone had stolen all the drop lines, swivels and hooks and cut half the main line. needless to say no fish either. there is nothing worse in the world than a thief. any suggestions to prevent this? i know it's really not much money for terminal tackle but you figure the time to tie it up, string it,bait it and it all adds up. almost discouraging enough to quit fishing.there is nothing in this world worse than a thief.

    TIM HAGAN New Member

    I would go and set one again in the same spot have someone on the bank somewhere to flim if they come back again a call to dnr and the film will put them in hot water .

  3. meat_hunter

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    Clarksville, TN
    i know exactley how u feel since i have lived in el paso i have had a bunch of stuff stolen(05 chevy and a 04 raptor). keep with it and i hope u catch them. by the way where abouts are u from.
  4. Redd

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    Southeast Kansas
    I've had so many things stolen from me that it's unreal. Rubber boots, tackle, a fishing rod, two hogs I had butchered in the freezer, ect. Anything they can get their grimy little paws on! I get mad just thinking about it. If I was you, I wouldn't even call the dnr...I'd deal with it myself(if ya know what I mean.) Then they'd be "up a creek without a paddle.":big_smile: Better luck next time, buddy. Hang in there!

  5. catfishingabber

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    i agree with red get a new setup put it back in the same place and post up and wait for them to come back then have a talkin to them
  6. curdog

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    Sheridan, Arkansas
    Its bad here too! If you don't hide your lines under water theives will run your lines or steal your stuff. Some Bass fishermen if they get hung up in your lines they will cut them.
    Not saying all Bass fishermen will and I got nothing against bassfishermen. I have been known to Bass fish too.
  7. ohiohawghunter45067

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    Trenton, Ohio
    me personally i wouldnt set up there anymore. i would take my loss and not use a real populated areea to set my trot line.

    BIGCAT DADDY 71 New Member

    i know, its bad for us fisherman. theres alot of worthless ***holes that need to steal. a few years ago, my father-inlaw picked me up in his truck and boat. we both had gun permits and i was carrying mine, he left his under seat in the truck, which we locked. they broke in right at the boat ramp and stole it and some other stuff. we called police and they made report, bad thing was it was his grandfathers that had been pasted down to him. still no word of its recovery.
  9. rat fink

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    i have no use for a thief !!! i have lost a lot of stuff to good for nothing @##@%@!$@$@$#@ well u get the drift but what the bigger problem is if its your friend i was robed when i was in my house and it was my best friend who did it he took $100 from me and whats worse is he took stuff frome my parents now you see why he WAS my frend i never saw aney of that stuff agean the best advise i can give it tie your stuff off to a tent stake and put it under a rock and cover the line in to the water wth dirt to hide it or do what redd or tim hagan said take my advise "dont trust much people least of all"
  10. shortshank

    shortshank New Member

    My best friend lives in Illinois. They live in the country with no one closer than 1/2 mile. We went fishing one weekend at the Mississippi River with our familys. When we got back to his home someone had broken into his house and stolen all his guns. Nine long guns, a civil war saber that his Great Grandfather used, and a 357 pistol he kept in a hidden place. He reported the theft and that was it for over a year. Then he got a call from the county sheriff. He wanted him to come and identify some weapons confiscated in Missouri. He got them all back except for the pistol. We believe the thief still has the pistol. Don't give up you may still get your father-in-laws pistol back yet.
  11. Ace

    Ace New Member

    Gastonia N
    The Bible says that God hates a liar and a thief. I feel like God will deal with people like this.Whoever got your rig may not ever catch any more fish.


  12. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Stealing guns - Wonder if that was Timothy McVeigh and/or Terry Nichols gathering some money for their activities.

    On the other subject, I'd try to get photo's of them running your line, making sure you get the boat decals in the frames. Turn that over to the Game Wardens. BUT, I would encourage you not to take any action past this point. You can be the one wearing the orange jumpsuit instead of them. Let the law handle it, just give them the proof.
  13. laidbck111

    laidbck111 New Member

    ratfink I know the feeling my sisters X-husband and my uncle cleaned me out a boat, guns, tv, stereo, all my rods and even my good underwear haha. but in the end a little country justice goes along way, because its hard to hide from your own family when your family is hard to hide.
  14. FishMan

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    Very good advice. You guys that are telling him to handle it himself could have him headed for some real trouble.

    I'll explain, lets assume that a person who would do that is also someone who breaks the law to make a living, that means he hangs out with other that think the same way he does. It's friday night and you take your family out to dinner. When you get home your thief has paid you a visit, now the thief is at his home visiting with other lawless people who decide they want your stuff so they kill him to get the bounty. Your thief is dead and here is where your talk of taking care of him yourself get you charged with murder. You say you don't care or that could never happen to you, well, the prisons have several people there that thought the same thing.

    When you talk in public about hurting someone and they later get hurt, you could be charged. For your own protection remember our justice is not fair.

    I hope your stuff shows up. I bet you must be really really mad. I would be.
  15. daystarchis

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    Clovis Cali
    Good looking out Danny. good post. Reps for that bro.:wink:
  16. dcmust

    dcmust New Member

    I agree with curdog, you need to hide them under water a ways. Thats what I do , the only thing is you need a hook about 3 foot long so if the water comes up you can reach down and get them.
  17. Don't know how others would handle it nor do I care. All I know is that sometimes you just have to convince some holes that your not one to be messed with. I believe in prevention and am up front with folks on what I can and cannot live with. Messing with me and mine is not something I can live with.
    Not to get into details but I have hunted up and down the length of this river, I know which bluffs overlook what and that deer hunters sometimes have accidents. Nuff said.
  18. loki1982

    loki1982 New Member

    I have a few of those experiences as well.

    First one time I had 5 poles in the back of my truck with 1 net, a tackle box and some other random stuff. I went to our dam and took 2 poles down with me and the tackkle box. I went down a hill and sat down, probably 100 feet from my truck. 2 guys who were sitting about 50 feet from me fishing got up and left. No bites for about 30 minutes so I decided i was gonna give up, I went back up to the truck and those 2 guy(I assume)stole 2 of the poles. The only reason they didnt take the 3rd was becuase the handle was tangled in the net. I went back several times over the next week with a brick in my truck. If I had found the people and saw my poles they would have had a brick through there windshield. I never saw them again.

    Then one time I was in a 8 foot bass boat with a trolling motor, my dad and I were setting out jug lines and we looked up and someone was actually checking our jugs behind us no more than 500-1000 feet away. There was no way our boat could ever catch them. I was furious at the time.

    Ive come back and had jugs gone that were cinderblocked so the chance of a fish taking it away are virtually gone.

    Ive come back to trotlines that you could tell had been checked. One we had tied to a tree on one end, the other a cinderblock with a jug float. We checked the line it was baitless, and we had no bait to replace so we set it back down fully extended. We came back after getting bait, several hours later and the trotline was no longer stretched out(since ti had no bait there was absolutly no reason the thing would have been moved other than someone checked it).
  19. AllenM

    AllenM Guest

    I'm in full agreement that the SMART thing to do would be to run a new line, hide out with a vid camera with good zoom, and turn it over to the game warden or police if you catch em at it. the FUN answer would be....

    ROCK SALT AND A 410!!! :big_smile:
  20. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    Thats to bad, all of ur stuff got stole. Sorry to hear that.