Nothing, NADA, ZIP, couldnt believe it!!

Discussion in 'NFL Talk' started by Big Sam, Feb 4, 2008.

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    Dig this one folks:smile2: After experiencing 2 days worth of pre-game shows including a re-cap of every game played:wink: The MRS says " I think I'll watch some of that with ya i want to see the crazy commercials" :smile2: I am thinking ok! Well Paula Abdual came on and sang her new song, immediately FOX network went off the air:eek:oooh: and still ain't came back on in our area:smile2: I missed it all, called the 800# to the cable service and they said it is wide spread and we cant find the problem:wink: Any one else get ripped off out there???????
  2. Little Luey

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    It went off in my area also, I tought it was the winds we had but I guess it was something worse. I bet they will make the Super Bowl a Pay per view event in the near future!:angry: