Not the Last Picture Show but...

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    Not many small towns (less than 2000) Picture Shows are still in business but the old Savage at Booneville, AR has survived time. It was constructed in 1947.

    We moved to the area in 1949, the Savage was in it's heyday. On Saturday, movies ran continuously from 1 PM till 10 PM and then the Late Show at 11 PM. Movies every night of the week with a Sunday matinée. It was a real treat to have a date for the Saturday night late show. Most girls couldn't stay out that late. There were some parents that brought their teenage daughters to the late show and allowed them to sit in another part of the theater with their boyfriend. Sure brings back memories! :lol:

    You can tell from the picture that things have slowed down but not stopped.

    The price was 9 cents up to age 12. I think it was 35 cents for above 12.
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    Richmond ,Indiana
    Well The Small Town Life Is Slowly Fading, Sorry To Say. Glad To Hear That Something Is Around From The Past

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    We still have a couple of those that have been renovated. One is now a center for plays, music, benefits, etc. and the other is a Christian based theatre. They occasionally show old movies still.

    The ones I love are the drive ins. We are fortunate enough to have 3 within 5 to 45 mins. Just something about being able to see the stars and moon while at a show. The only drawback is the skeeters love me. There haven't been many good shows at them this summer, though.

    Take care.
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    We cleaned out an old house here on the farm after the last of the 3 old maids and a bachelor passed away. All bother and sisters.
    I came out of it with a fortune to me in old school books from around 1910 through the 20's.
    In the margin of some of those books reminder notes were made of picture shows at such and such school or church on a given Saturday night.
    Quite a neat blast from the past.