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    Two friends of mine, that I work with, and I went to Chicot this past Saturday and fished all day long. I caught one small channel about two pounds and I was the first to catch a cat. One of my friends was using small shad and he just kept catching drum and small rock bass. The last buddy finally caught a cat late in the day and it was about the same size as mine.

    The Saturday before this one of my buddies had gone down there and they had caught nine fish and one of them weighed around thirty pounds so he was eager to go back and that is why we did but they are lowering the lake and they may be spawning so we didn't fair as well and we tried just about everything we could think of too.

    I was using skipjack, my friends were using shad, hotdogs, the drum we caught, and anything else we could think of or had on hand. But we had a real good time and enjoyed ourselves very much. We three have been trying to plan a good trip for years but because of commitments and work all three of us have not been able to get together at one time until now so we took advantage of it and had a blast.
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    sounds like a fun day kev---glad u got to get out with your friends

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    Sounds like a good time was had by all. Any day spent fishing is a good day.
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    Sounds great Kevin, and you even caught a fish. cant ask for more than that.